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Our main approach is to be smart with your money. What you pay matters to us and we feel that it is important for you to know exactly what you pay so there are no unexpected or unexplained costs. DeLauretis Wealth Management team will provide clients with impartial advice based on fairness, objectivity with no influence from product sales and/or commissions.

Cost Structure Option ONE (Plan prices)
Cash Flow Planning
Financial PlanningPersonal & Corporate
Retirement Planning 
Investment Planning
Insurance Planning and Consultation
Estate Planning Consulting 

Cost Structure Option TWO
General financial advice by phone or face-to-face meeting ~ $250 CDN hourly (if you don’t need a full hour, price will be adjusted!)

Customized notes of the meeting ~ $250 CDN hourly
Financial Divorce Consulting (with notes) ~ $250 CDN hourly


Cost & Value Efficient Option THREE
This All-in-One streamlined approach will allow DeLauretis Wealth Management to manage all your investible assets while providing essential financial planning services and advice. You should know that our ultimate goal is for you to achieve all your financial obligations and aspirations. With that in mind, we have built a tiered process that includes the varied cost and value-added services you will receive. (Cost are based on percentage of assets managed – commissions/trailers).