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Financial Divorce Consultation

Often times, divorce or separation will employ the use of only a Family Law Lawyer and/or a Divorce Therapist.  But divorce can be the single most significant financial event in a person’s life, affecting a variety of areas including:

As a result, many divorcees and those contemplating divorce or separation are now utilizing the financial expertise and services provided by a specially trained Financial Planner in the areas of Divorce, better known as a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist.

As a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS), Marie is uniquely qualified to assist clients in dealing with the often complex financial issues of a divorce or separation.  Marie can work with the legal professionals to provide valued input with respect to the financial aspects involved in the resolution process as related to the division and allocation of assets.  DeLauretis Wealth Management (or the CFDS), can assist clients to avoid making costly mistakes in the division of assets as they relate to their future well-being.  A CFDS does not provide legal advice.

Together with the services provided by a Family Law Lawyer and the counselling provided by the Divorce Therapist, a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist will help to simplify the process of divorce, in particular with matters pertaining to the financial issues at stake.

The Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist can:

  • Provide financial analysis of client’s assets, liabilities, incomes, pre & post monthly living expenses, child and spousal support payments taking into consideration inflation and changing tax consequences.
  • Provide insight to pension plans and other investment and insurance options including ongoing protection.
  • Show options for various financial scenario post divorce/separation.
  • Educate clients about tax and other financial consequences of retaining or relinquishing certain assets.
  • Counsel clients on budget management during and after transition.
  • Counsel clients on estate planning matters as a result of divorce/separation
  • Work with lawyers and/or mediators to design settlement proposals to satisfy clients to the greatest possible extent considering all available financial options.

Note: Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists do not provide legal advice.

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