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Stacey (Calgary, AB)
My family has been with DWM for over a decade. My parents were the first to put their trust in Marie, and her advice and guidance allowed them to live out their final years very comfortably with absolutely no financial concerns. When they passed on DWM was there, helping us as executors to consolidate our parents healthy investments, giving us advice, final tax support – and most importantly, providing a warm and guiding presence in our time of grief. My husband and I now trust Marie and DWM with all of our financial planning.  Marie isn’t just there when you call, she checks up with YOU to make sure that your financial planning isn’t something that gets buried in the flurry of our modern working lives. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

John & Linda (Calgary, AB)
Linda and I see Marie DeLauretis once or twice a year to review our financial health, review our goals and to make any course corrections on our path. In the past, my experience with financial advisors has mostly been through the banks who primarily focused on investments like RRSPs or TFSAs and didn’t look at the complete picture. Marie, on the other hand, ensured our estate planning was done, reviewed our insurance needs, and prepared several scenarios for our retirement. For many years, I’ve worried that I had to maintain a certain level of income in order to be able to retire. Through the exercises that Marie did with us, I now understand that I have already achieved the financial freedom that I’d been wishing for and that I can now afford to enjoy the fruits of my 25+ career. I am now more comfortable making career choices that align better with my values and how I want to serve others in the years ahead. I am grateful to Marie for creating the awareness of my financial freedom, for looking out for my financial health, and for becoming a trusted friend.

Marc (Calgary, AB)
“I asked Marie to take a look at my situation and tell me if I could in fact retire today and start living ‘the good life’. She asked for a lot of interesting things – all my financial information of course, kids’ education funds stuff, Will, Powers of Attorney, Directives, Benefits Plan details, Life Insurance details and the list goes on.   As it turns out, the ‘numbers’ per se are the easiest part to deal with.  What I was surprised by was all the other considerations besides ‘retirement income’.  To this end, Marie added a huge amount of value. After our initial consultation, she spent about 3 hours with me getting to know me outside of documents and numbers. This in itself added value in that when she came back with the comprehensive consultation results, she planted some ‘reality check’ points on the table. Things like tax consequences, re-purposing life insurance and some interesting nuances in my recently established Will to name a few. She clearly laid out to me that retirement planning is not just about whether or not you have enough money. She highlighted the point that it is difficult to predict when one might run out of money because of that one variable that eludes all mankind – how long are you actually going to live for. Hence my kids may be in store for a giant inheritance in the next few years, or they’ll be stuck trying to support me 30 years from now when I run out of my own money and am solely reliant on CPP and OAS. Great Job Marie.  Worth every penny…”

Jason (Calgary, AB)
Marie was already my financial advisor during the time I became newly separated from my spouse.  Knowing that Marie was a Financial Divorce Specialist, I immediately called her to inform her of my pending separation and asked her to act as my Financial Divorce Specialist during this very difficult time.  While satisfied with our client-advisor relationship prior to my separation, her value to me as a specially trained planner became quite evident during the whole divorce process.  She provided me and my spouse with invaluable information and made this major transition a less financially devastating one.” 

Anne & Bill (Calgary, AB)
“While previous financial advisors were selling product, Marie DeLauretis took the time to complete a comprehensive financial plan that covered all areas such as Estate Planning – the importance of completing estate documents such as your Will and Power of Attorney,  and Personal Directives, reviewed our need for Wealth & Asset protection in the unfortunate case of death, disability or critical illness.  Marie also reviewed our cash flow, and in particular guided us in managing our debt more proactively.  By reviewing the basics and helping us to address and articulate our financial goals, we were than able to focus on our investments, retirement & post-retirement plans.  A seemingly complicated matter was made understandable. We now have confidence and peace of mind as we move closer toward retirement.” 

Cathy & Alan (Calgary, AB)
“We have never worked with a financial advisor quite like Marie DeLauretis.  While most other advisors my husband and I worked with pay attention to only the assets you have, Marie delved deeper to discover unnecessary and mismanaged debt.  She took the time it required to help my spouse properly unburden and disclose his financial information to not only her but to me.  A successful intervention attempt if you will when it came to cash flow and debt.  She made the unbearable more bearable.  Over the years of working together with Marie, we can see the progress that we have made in our net worth.  Marie is a very caring and emphatic advisor and I would recommend her to
family and friends and to anyone who is serious about increasing their net worth.”

Rose (Toronto, ON)
“Marie is a wealth of information. She will go the extra mile to accommodate clients (like me) as a financial planner. Her dedication can be heard and seen by everything she does. If anyone is lost when it comes to their finances, Marie can set them straight to a path of personal success.”