You Think It Will Never Happen To You

With permission by one of our clients, we are sharing the following story:

Our client was scheduled for a somewhat routine surgery.  Providing no one had more pressing medical surgeries to be completed, our client’s surgery was a go. So, on the slight chance that someone with a more dire medical issue arose, that person would take over the booked operating room from our client.

Two days ago, our client called to advise us that her surgery had been rescheduled to a later date because six (6) cases of individuals with immediate cancer concerns came up!!  Just to give you a bit of stats: all six individuals were female, 4 were pregnant, and 4 were under the age of 32.

We are sharing this story to shed light on the fact that critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, heart attacks do exist as you all know, and can happen to anyone, at any age.  I’m sure we are all doing what we can to stay healthy and prevent illnesses from happening to us, but we urge you to consider the purchase of Critical Illness Insurance as protection to your overall financial plan.

Critical Illness insurance pays a tax free lump sum benefit when diagnosed with one of the various illnesses covered within the policy, and can be incredibly helpful during a difficult time when instead of worrying about your finances, you should be focused on recovery.  After all, we don’t only need insurance because we are going to die, but because we are going to live!

Please ask yourselves, what would you do if diagnosed with a major illness? Do you have enough saved funds to cover 6 months of expenses and other medical needs? Would you really prefer to deplete your retirement savings or have to sell the equity in your home to provide you the time required to recover?

For dollars a month you would receive thousands back if diagnosed.  Please call our office at 403-670-8849 and speak to our health insurance licensed representative, Marie DeLauretis.

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