Which family are You?

It is remarkably easy to predict which families will preserve inherited capital, manage each other’s care and avoid destructive litigation. One need only look at an individual’s commitment to planning, implementing and communicating basic information to family and friends while they have the capacity and the wisdom to will.

This particular comment from Dr. Deans is very profound to me. I am reminded of my father. His commitment to end-of-life-planning and his unique need to communicate his plans to his children speaks volumes of his love for me and my siblings.

Sure we never got to go on cool vacations with our parents like other friends and family, sure he was not the type of father to bestow affection on his kids and he rarely made it to any sporting or school event, but over the years, especially when I had my own children, I finally understood his silent but incredibly deep love and devotion for his family.

I never truly appreciated the depth of his love until I had my own children and began immediately setting up my own estate plan.

I took after my father, in that, as my children grew older and began asking questions that surrounded death, in particular, my death, I proudly communicated my thoughts and plans to them openly and as a matter-of-fact, to assure them that they would be okay.

But I take it one step further with the help of Willing Wisdom Index™  , the Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist and the 7 Questions Successful Families Ask (that can be found in Mr. Deans book Willing Wisdom). 

Have I discussed my report and findings with my family? You bet! Do I really discuss my estate plans, end-of-life goals or health care needs that I may have late-in-life with them; they are only 15 and 13 after all? Damn right!

I want there to never be unanswered questions, I want to pass my family’s wisdom down, my evolved wisdom down to my kids. I never want my children to second-guess themselves as to “what would Mom want”, or ask themselves, “What should we do” or have feelings of guilt. I want them to have confidence and clarity of how they are to manage my health and estate (if I need them to); I want them to know who their back-up team is; and I want them to excel with what I pass down to them, be it assets, wisdom, or a strong sense of responsibility. I want my gifts to release their full potential not destroy it.

If you feel this way about your family, then I strongly encourage you to complete the Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist to obtain your free report.

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