Life Insurance promotes financial stability

How Can Life Insurance Promote Financial Stability?

Life insurance enables individuals with a way to provide for their families financially, often on a tax-free basis, in the event of their untimely death… It helps your family survive and thrive. Imagine the extraordinary opportunities you can provide for your family or community by planning ahead.

Life insurance offers the following benefits to your wealth plan:

1. Creates Financial Stability!

Do you have children, pets, or loved ones?
You may not be able to predict the future, but you can make sure your family maintains their quality of life for years to come. Life insurance could ensure that your loved ones still have financial resources to count on if an accident or illness ever occurs.

2. Creates a Legacy & Protects the Work of a Lifetime!

Are you early in your career, a farm owner, leaving the workforce, a business owner, or self-employed?
No matter what stage of life you’re in, there is a benefit to getting insurance. You’ve worked hard to build your wealth and you want to protect it against the unexpected. You want to protect it from erosive tax consequences at death… AND what about the legacy you may wish to leave behind, being able to create sustainable wealth for future generations or providing for a cause close to your heart… Life insurance could be a way to achieve your goals.

3. Your Acceptance is Guaranteed!

What if you or a loved one have medical issues and would generally be considered “hard to insure”? There is still an option for insurance!

Access Life is the simplified issue life insurance provided by iA Financial Group, which may be of interest if the person to be insured is between 6 months and 80 years old and you:

With Access Life, no matter your health condition, you will be guaranteed for at least $10,000 of permanent coverage with the opportunity of up to $500,000 of coverage depending on your situation. For more information, contact us!

We Offer Insurance Planning!

Are you aware of the different types of insurances DeLauretis Wealth Management Inc. offers and what their differences are? 

Here’s a quick list and get more info on our Insurance Planning page.

To learn which type of insurance would best suit your situation and needs, head to the “Book Now!” page and get yourself scheduled in.

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