Families Fighting Estate Battles in Court

My younger daughter, Kayla, said she wanted to be a lawyer. Naturally, I suggested the area of Estate Planning. Why? Because estate litigation remains one of the fastest growing areas of the law, a lucrative career path to be sure!!

137 million North American adults do not have a Will! This is not good, especially when you consider that we are now leaving more wealth than ever before – $2 billion per day in the US and $205 million per day in Canada. And you would think your financial advisor/financial planner is broaching this subject with you, no? If he/she is not, ask them why? (Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, he/she is solely an investment broker specializing in stock and bond trading, he/she does not hold themselves out as a financial planner in any shape or form – but I am sure he/she has a trusted collaborative team of professionals they work closely with, that can address this need, right?). 

If you are working with an advisor, what value are you receiving for the fees that you pay? (Yes you pay fees, even if you are invested with someone at the bank). So, your investments are being maintained, but what about family security, late-in-life needs, end-of-life wishes and intent, beneficiary audits and inclusion, which assets to pass on, how to pass them on, how to get started so you can avoid costly family estate court battles, who is helping you with that? 

In an era of automated investing, estate planning remains the single most overlooked, indeed avoided area by advisors. If your trusted advisor has not even broached the subject with you, how trusted can they be, do they really have you and your family’s best interest at heart? Please contact us if you care to discuss the fees and services of your current advisor in more detail, or if you would like to compare the value that my firm can provide versus what you are receiving now. 

Please see a short video of what sets our firm apart from others. We have those conversations with our clients that other advisors won’t simply have because we are passionate about willing with intent, purpose and meaning.

Source information from Thomas William Deans, Ph.D. and Author of Willing Wisdom and Every Family’s Business
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