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Tax is wealth enemy number one in Canada

Tax… wealth enemy number one!

Some Canadians may not realize that tax is the biggest eroder of wealth. Yet, it is the segment of wealth management that many Canadians do not plan for regularly or with consistency. Get important deadlines and tax updates for 2024 here.

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Wealth Planning for 2024 with DeLauretis Wealth Management

7 Common Wealth Goals for 2024

As we settle into a New Year, this is a perfect time to revisit your short and long-term financial goals and the dream lifestyle you want to achieve. In this article, we give you 7 common wealth goals so that you can translate meaningful financial goals into an actionable wealth building plan.

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Calculate your net worth with DeLauretis Wealth Management

What are you worth?

Every year, members of our firm like to do what is called a Personal Financial Year End Tabulation. Described another way, we each like to calculate how we have personally done financially this year. Join us in creating your Net Worth Statement to close out 2023 and get an accurate financial snapshot of where you stand at year end.

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Canada's FHSA - First Home Savings Account

First Home Savings Account (FHSA)

Have you heard about Canada’s new First Home Savings Account (FHSA)? This is a new registered account introduced by the Federal Gov’t. In this article, I outline some key points about the FHSA to get you started.

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Create your wealth plan rituals for the New Year

Is your wealth planning process a ritual?

It is like a ritual to me. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a ritual is defined as: an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner. “Rituals involve the execution of conscious and deliberate actions [as opposed to habits] …rituals are often markers or catalysts for energetic shifts. Rituals also assist in

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Families Fighting Estate Battles in Court

My younger daughter, Kayla, said she wanted to be a lawyer. Naturally, I suggested the area of Estate Planning. Why? Because estate litigation remains one of the fastest growing areas of the law, a lucrative career path to be sure!! 137 million North American adults do not have a Will! This is not good, especially

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Which family are You?

It is remarkably easy to predict which families will preserve inherited capital, manage each other’s care and avoid destructive litigation. One need only look at an individual’s commitment to planning, implementing and communicating basic information to family and friends while they have the capacity and the wisdom to will. Thomas William Deans Ph.D., Professional SpeakerAuthor

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My Financial Planner

Have you ever asked your financial planner how they plan for themselves? Has your planner actually mapped out their own path to wealth building? Do they actually have a plan in place – whether it is a one page plan or a 3 inch binder full of “comprehensive know-how” to get from where he/she is

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