Marie DeLauretis out river paddleboarding

A Financial Advisor’s aspirations of being a Boujee Dirtbag!

Marie is our Aspiring Boujee Dirtbag in the office!

Full-time in her own career as a Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, Marie DeLauretis always craves the outdoors and all its elements. Her favorite things to do in the great outdoors is Stand Up Paddleboarding, known as SUP, on flowing river water or flatwater, and hiking in the mountains of Alberta.

No matter how grueling, painful, or how hard she needs to push herself to get through a river run, or a hike up a mountain, she does it with an infectious smile and pure joy! For Marie, there is nowhere better than being in the great outdoors and gaining momentum to reach her fullest potential. Although she is driven to help her clientswho include multi-generational families and business ownersincrease their financial wellbeing and build lasting wealth, any day biting water and out of the office in the Rocky Mountains is a wonderful day for Marie!

Stand up paddleboarding is gaining in popularity, especially with females, and Marie genuinely believes the number one thing you need in this sport, no matter your ability or age, is a great attitude.

Marie DeLauretis loves to paddleboard!

Marie is definitely not your typical financial advisor. You won’t find her on the green sporting a new driver and the latest golf gear.  Interestingly, Marie prefers water shoes and hikers to heels and suits, which is not surprising after the many years she has been hiking, and with the adoption of this new water sport.  You will notice Marie steadily and surely advancing her SUP skills in waters of Alberta. Having obtained her Certification as an instructor for SUP Basic Flatwater, and completing River progression lessons, she is now comfortably paddling the Bow River in Calgary/Cochrane with occasional White-Water at Harvie’s Passage to remind herself that there is always room to improve and always more growth to be had!

Marie’s ultimate goal in her pursuit of mastering River SUPing and the great outdoors is to one day tour-SUP a section of her Father’s region of Italy – to tour the lakes and river system he told her about once upon a time and actually sleep under the Italian stars while soaking up some of the culture… what better place to prepare and train than beautiful Alberta!

Of particular interest to Marie is safety. Is it because she is a mom of two, a Virgo, or a licensed Life and Health Insurance Advisor? Who knows, but this is something she takes very seriously. While there is always an element of risk being out on the water, like on land, being aware, prepared and properly educated in the risks will increase every paddler’s and hiker’s confidence and experience. This same approach of being aware and prepared of financial risks can be taken when you need to protect your financial assets and income – talk to Marie about financial protection – protecting your greatest asset – YOU!

Marie’s favorite sayings regarding Attitude: “Hear me out,” and “You are either with me, or without me”

P.S. wondering what a boujee dirtbag is?

  • First let’s define a Dirtbag according to Wiktionary: A poor climber, alpinist, skier or other outdoors person who lives cheaply, without normal employment and with few amenities in order to spend as much time on their sport as possible – used praisingly!
  • Urban dictionary: A person who is committed to a given (usually extreme) lifestyle to the point of abandoning employment and other societal norms in order to pursue said lifestyle.

“Boujee Dirtbag” according to Marie DeLauretis: A person in pursuit of sporty passions in the great outdoors, still maintaining full-time employment, and doing the sport with a boujee flare – a.k.a. not willing to sacrifice the comforts of modern life. Said sport is pursued for joy, fun, and as part of overall health wellness, which can be linked to enhanced performance at work.

Stokes up!!

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