Marie DeLauretis received 2023 Fellow of Distinguished Financial Advisors (FDFS™) Award

2023 Fellow of Distinguished Financial Advisors Award

On November 12, 2023, The Knowledge Bureau presented Marie DeLauretis with an award called the Fellow of Distinguished Financial Services. It was presented by Evelyn Jacks, esteemed financial author, professional and president of The Knowledge Bureau, the provider of World-Class Financial Education.

Evelyn Jacks of the Knowledge Bureau presents the award to Marie

The FDFS is awarded to those for their “distinguished service as an influential thought leader, who has demonstrated a commitment to the noble cause of engaging others in high standards of professional excellence to shape the future of your industry”.

I am absolutely honoured and humbled. I had no idea that I would be accepting this prestigious Certification of Distinction tonight. I was in absolute awe of the attendees, many of whom are regarded as the best in their respective financial fields, authors of authority, and more importantly the original leaders of change to raise the bar in the quality of financial services and advice provided to individuals, families and businesses in this country. I was star-struck!

Here’s a quick video of Marie accepting her award. Thank you to Patrick Yasay for capturing this meaningful moment for me!

Here are more photos Marie at the Distinguished Advisors Conference. 

Photo Gallery (click to enlarge): 

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