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May 24

Articles & Blogs

Podcast – May 18, 2021Financial TalkLine with Elena RussellFinancial Planning Trends in the age of Covid – interview with Marie DeLauretis, CFP. CFDS, RIS All blogs are DeLauretis Wealth Management’s original material. You will also find useful articles that DWM has contributed to. DWM Article Contributions How to Keep the Home in Retirement (Morningstar, Vikram Barhat, […]
May 24

Families Fighting Estate Battles in Court

My younger daughter, Kayla, said she wanted to be a lawyer. Naturally, I suggested the area of Estate Planning. Why? Because estate litigation remains one of the fastest growing areas of the law, a lucrative career path to be sure!! 137 million North American adults do not have a Will! This is not good, especially […]
May 13

Which family are You?

“It is remarkably easy to predict which families will preserve inherited capital, manage each other’s care and avoid destructive litigation. One need only look at an individual’s commitment to planning, implementing and communicating basic information to family and friends while they have the capacity and the wisdom to will.” – Author of Willing Wisdom and […]
Dec 5

My Financial Planner

Have you ever asked your financial planner how they plan for themselves? Has your planner actually mapped out their own path to wealth building? Do they actually have a plan in place – whether it is a one page plan or a 3 inch binder full of “comprehensive know-how” to get from where he/she is […]
Jul 15

Insurance Matters of Divorce

Written January 2014 by Marie DeLauretis If you are in the process of divorce or separation and have begun discussions surrounding the money matters of divorce, especially child support and spousal support, consider the below. “Support” Insurance: Life insurance coverage on the life of the child support payor or spousal support payor. There are two […]
May 1

Wisemen Say

Written May 2017 by Marie DeLauretis WISEMEN SAY: If the key to growing your wealth is to work with a good financial advisor than why isn’t everybody working with an advisor? Perhaps he/she feels they do not earn enough income to become a client, or they are too young, or perhaps he feels he should […]
Mar 1

Le Sexy Tax Season – OH LA LA!

Written March 2014 by Marie DeLauretis Is it already March? Ah, March, such an exciting month, not only does this month include International Woman’s Day, my Mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) and Barbie’s birthday, but it’s also the month we all preoccupy our time with gathering the necessary tax information required by our tax preparers. I can hear […]
Feb 15

Getting to the Heart of It

This material is for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal or tax advice, nor be construed as specific financial advice to an individual reader’s personal situation. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, but errors and omissions are possible. Individual circumstances may vary and specific financial, legal and tax advice from professional is always recommended. Future tax changes and market conditions may affect this information.
Feb 1

Securing the Big Picture in 2017

Written January 2017 by Marie DeLauretis As we settle into a New Year, no doubt you are planning your 2017 year. For certain, you will be concentrating on your current financial situation as “Tax Time” looms ahead. Therefore, I want to remind you to revisit your financial goals in life during this time of contemplation. Seven common […]
Jan 4

Personal Financial Year-End Tabulation

Written November 2013 by Marie DeLauretis It’s time for a Personal Financial Year End Tabulation! Every year, members of our firm like to do what is called a Personal Financial Year End Tabulation. Described another way, we like to calculate how we have done so far this year with respect to our individual financial situation. One tool […]
Dec 5

Retirement Myths Debunked

Written September 2016 by Marie DeLauretis Retirement Myths Debunked Is retirement realistic? Were we meant to retire for 25 to 30 years of our total life span? Retirement means to stop employment completely.  Semi-retirement means to aggressively reduce work hours.  Think about it, retirement is a relatively new concept in our history.  It was first introduced […]