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Jenna Weseen,

B. Comm., B. Kin.

Executive Operations Manager at DeLauretis Wealth Management Inc.

Photo of Jenna Weseen, Executive Operations Manager at DeLauretis Wealth Management Inc.

Coming to DeLauretis Wealth Management (DWM) has been an incredible transition allowing me to learn and grow both professionally and personally. Along with helping clients to achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals, so that they can live richer lives, DWM has also provided me the opportunity and flexibility to utilize my talents to expand my knowledge and capabilities, so that I too can live a richer life.

Jenna Weseen recently joined the firm and comes to us with two years’ experience with Desjardins as an administrative assistant along with ten years of previous customer service experience in the sporting industry. Jenna has completed her undergraduate schooling with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business, an embedded Certificate in Leadership Studies, and a Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree from the University of Calgary.

Jenna is a people person through and through, she enjoys witty banter and getting to know those around her. Game nights with friends is Jenna’s favorite way to spend an evening. When she’s not in the office, you will find Jenna enjoying the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, playing sports, or thinking about where to travel next.

Jenna's Approach

A demanding position and fast-paced environment require Jenna’s work ethic and efficiency, and that, combined with her previous experience in the industry make her an asset to this firm. Dedicated to timeliness, accuracy and organization of all matters and materials, she faces all challenges of her duty as Executive Operations Manager head-on and results are almost immediate. Jenna positively meets the exceptional service and care requirements demanded by our industry and DeLauretis Wealth Management Inc., always acting in the best interest of our clients.

Interesting Tidbits

  • Jenna and her sister both have the same birthday… but they’re not twins!
  • Worked at the Olds Golf Club for 9 seasons (learned how to parallel park with a golf cart)
  • Impulsively applied for a combined degree after deciding on enrolling for a Bachelor of Commerce at the last step of the application process, then after year 3 decided to impulsively add an embedded Leadership certificate to the two degrees because it seemed like a fun idea!
  • Loves to travel! Went backpacking around Southern Thailand for a month, has now caught the travel bug for more worldly adventures!
  • Newly discovered being a plant mom! A year ago, she had 3 plants, Jenna now has 14 plants (and counting) in her room.
  • Claims to not be a hiker… but goes on multi-day hikes…