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Gezime Morina

Client Account Manager at DeLauretis Wealth Management Inc.

Gizeme Morina

Working at DeLauretis Wealth Management has provided me with valuable insight into how much life and finance are threaded together. It took working with a professional financial planner on my whole wealth plan to see that everything is interconnected. I love being part of a team that genuinely cares about their clients and takes the time to personally get to know them to help them reach their wealth goals.

Gezime Morina (pronounced Ge-zee-me) recently joined the firm and comes to us with six years experience as a medical office assistant.

Always smiling and finding humour in most situations, this Mom of 4 is multi-lingual, loves to hike, enjoys tennis – although she admits her backhand needs improvement, and would love to learn to play the violin. 

Gezime's Approach

Gezime’s life experiences and trained skills are an asset to this firm and the financial services industry in which emotional understanding combined with a desire to continue learning are an asset. 

Gezime knows only too well that the world can change on a dime, and that sometimes decisions need to be made quickly, with swift action. She understands that life can throw curveballs when you least expect and therefore she is a dedicated champion of planning, preparing and obtaining proper family insurance protection.  

Interesting Tidbits

Some of Gezime’s interesting past occupations and excursions include:

  • Immigrated to Canada in 1999 and learned the wonders of tobogganing with her family.
  • Worked in a Daycare.
  • Throughout her life, she has travelled all over the Balkan states and various parts of Europe.
  • Enjoys beach resorts and being with her family and friends during holidays.