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DeLauretis Wealth Management Inc. (DWM), strongly believes in creating a community of professional advisors who can help our clients with all their financial and investment planning needs. We highly recommend the following individuals as we respect and value their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. They share the same mindset of DWM as they collectively aim to empower hardworking individuals, families and business owners to fund their financial goals and dreams.

Please note that the following individuals are not employees with DWM, they are professionals in their specific fields who we refer to our clients.

Partnering with DWM


Sylvia DeLauretis (Bio)
Sylvia F. DeLauretis Professional Corporation
CPA, CMA, Accountant, Professional Tax Preparer
Tel: 403-270-8989

Josephine DeLauretis (Bio)
DeLauretis & Associates Inc.
Accountant & Professional Tax Preparer


Amy Burchill – Bookkeeper & Accountant
Amy is a CPA, CMA and small business owner of an accounting firm that specializes in helping small businesses and individuals reach their “Big Idea”. Before becoming a small business owner Amy completed her University degree, CMA and CPA programs while gaining practical experience working with other small businesses. 

It was during that time that Amy realized her love and the need for professionals who would provide personalized help for the little companies working to achieve their dreams.  With help from individuals and her financial planner, Amy made it through her education and now uses her knowledge and skills to help other small businesses navigate the world of accounting, taxes and CRA.

Big Idea Accounting & Management Solutions Inc.
Tel: 403.512.8978

Bryan Baker – Mortgage Professional
Greg Miller – Mortgage Professional

Bryan Baker and Greg Miller with Concourse Mortgage Group, are Mortgage Professionals that specialize in aligning debt and mortgage management to an overall financial plan.  Their focus is on cash flow, which is the driver of any financial plan.  It is their goal to help you save thousands on your mortgage and get you debt-free years quicker, all while accelerating your financial plan.  They were recognized for their success in doing so by recently winning a Canadian Mortgage Award. 

Should you have any immediate questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to them directly below, or by contacting us.

Concourse Mortgage Group
Tel: 587-350-0496 /
Tel: 403-998-1490 /