No one builds wealth alone!

About Us

Our Story

It began over a generation ago, and we are so very proud!

Our parents were immigrants to this country, and hit the ground running as soon as they entered Canada. As children, we witnessed our parents’ great efforts in an ever-changing economy to build lasting family wealth. There were struggles along this path and we wondered if there was a better way to create and manage wealth… 

Our parents stressed to us at young ages “get an education and learn the value of a dollar” and we followed their advice! Three siblings entered into the financial services industry, with Josephine and Sylvia primarily following the Accounting and Tax path where “every number tells a story.” Marie did a deep dive into financial planning and overall wealth management, where the big picture can be clearly viewed. Collectively, we became Certified Financial Planners, a Chartered Professional Accountant and a Real Wealth Manager, backed by other various designations and licenses. 

As financial, tax & investment advisors, we want to be part of the wealth-success stories of our clients.

Our philosophy at DeLauretis Wealth Management is: 

No one builds wealth alone! Creating and maintaining sustainable wealth requires the collaboration and contribution of the clients, the lead financial advisor and a team of integrated financial professionals from various specialties to help families and clients truly reach their full financial potential.

“You will be up to 4 times wealthier over a 15 year period when you work with a financial advisor as opposed to not working with one at all.”

According to the…

Gamma Factor and the Value of Financial Advice, CIRANO, 2016

About Us

Meet Our Team

DeLauretis Wealth Management first and foremost helps you create worthy and realistic financial goals that you are excited to work toward.  We manage your wealth throughout your various life stages and periods of transitioning—assisting you to accumulate, grow, sustain and protect your capital. We welcome you and your family to our family-run business. Meet our team: 

The DeLauretis Team

Our Internal Team

Marie DeLauretis, President, B. Comm., CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), RWM™ (Real Wealth Manager), CEA (Certified Executor Advisor), Licensed Mutual Fund Advisor in the Provinces of Alberta and Ontario, Life and Health Insurance Advisor in the Province of Alberta. Marie has been working in the financial services industry since year 2000.

Jenna Weseen, B. Comm., B. Kin., Executive Operations Manager

Collaborative Partners

Josephine DeLauretis, B. Comm., CFP® & Partner of DeLauretis & Associates Inc., with over 25 years of experience in the accounting and tax professions.

Sylvia DeLauretis, CPA, CMA & Principal of Sylvia F. DeLauretis Professional Corporation (Chartered Professional Accountant), with over 25 years of experience in the accounting and tax professions.

Imagine having a complete and extensive team of financial professionals working for you and your family’s benefit!

Our Clients

What it's like to work with us!

While our clients have come to know, expect and trust our expertise, knowledge and skills, they also appreciate our warm family office environment.

Our clients are primarily business owners, professionals, and multi-generational families requiring collaborative wealth management solutions and a range of wealth products and services throughout their various life stages. 

  • As our clients experience the firsts of many events, like embarking on their chosen career, or starting a family or a business — we are there for them. 
  • As our clients plan for and invest in their future lifestyle, moving into retirement and beyond — they know we are there for them.
  • As our clients come to late-in-life care decisions and end-of-life decisions — we are there for them

Together, we examine our client’s aspirations of building wealth and then make it happen through our financial advisement and management. We also understand that plans change and life happens, as your financial planning is essentially a “living plan.” Our regular check-in’s and updates are the key to a successful long-term relationship and our clients’ achieving the results they want. 

Helping you build your wealth!

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