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Build your family's wealth with Marie DeLauretis and her team

About Us

At DeLauretis Wealth Management, we help you and your family achieve your financial, lifestyle & legacy goals. 

We help you live the life that you PLAN to live, so you can experience the most from your wealth, throughout the different stages of your life, generation after generation, with peace of mind at the forefront.

We do this by employing a unique extensive wealth management approach, and we lead an integrated team of multi-disciplined financial experts, to work in collaboration with the family, to offer you essential and coordinated financial services and solutions.

The DWM Difference

When we are asked: What is your approach to wealth management and the steps that are involved?

Our response is simply: We take a long term, goals-based approach to your wealth management plan. 

We want to know:

  1. Where are you now financially?
  2. Where do you want to be financially? 
Build your family's wealth with Marie DeLauretis and her team

And we help get you there.  We implement customized financial strategies to achieve your wealth goals, involving other essential experts, if and when necessary.

Helping you build your wealth!

“Through our client-advisor relationship, we help you to determine what matters most to you and your family, and translate it into achievable goals.”

Marie DeLauretis


Our Services

Creating Your Personalized Structured Wealth Plan

DeLauretis Wealth Management takes a comprehensive financial planning approach to achieve our clients’ goals of wealth accumulation, financial protection and security.

Financial Planning

Building a long-term financial plan that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

Investment Planning

Creating an investment strategy based on your goals, risk tolerance and capacity.

Insurance Planning

Analyzing your current insurance policies, understanding your needs, and implementing the policies you need.